Raging Speedhorn To Launch ‘Exhausting To Kill’ Album In October

The world probably would not notice it yet, not least because the Corby bruisers had their biggest triumphs within the UK, but when nothing else but riffs and screaming make sense, “Hard To Kill” definitely sounds just like the antidote to one thing. For the uninitiated, RAGING SPEEDHORN began life as a snotty, amphetamine-fueled replace to the then flourishing sludge metal method. They caused chaos wherever they went, however the music was always monstrous and plain. In reality, even 2007’s wildly off-piste “Before the Sea Was Built” is worth a re-evaluation, but it’s the band’s brutal, rock ‘n’ roll-powered early tunes that earned them near-legendary status at home. After an appearance at the Japanese Beast Fest and participation within the British section of the big-scale Tattoo-the-Planet-Festival-Tour, the recording of the second album started.

With new label Roulette Media in tow, as well as new management and reserving agent, the band are back trying and sounding better than ever with a new array of songs that can melt your face, so strap yourselves in for the journey of your life. MIDNITE CITY will release three singles from the album in advance. The album title says all of it – Raging Speedhorn return to action with the release of their killer new studio album ‘Hard To Kill’. Recorded with Russ Russell at Parlour Studios in Kettering, UK, ‘Hard To Kill’ sees Raging Speedhorn once once more upping their very own ante when it comes to music-writing finesse … taking part in riff-fuelled soiled heavy metal with aplomb. In 2014, promoters of Damnation — a metallic pageant based in Leeds — contacted Morison with a request for Raging Speedhorn to re-kind.

After Twenty Years, Raging Speedhorn Culminate With The Blistering Onerous To Kill

With a rebooted line up Hard To Kill is their sixth album, clocking in at a modest 32 minutes and features an interesting cowl of T-Rex‘s Children of the Revolution . ” from dual vocalists Frank Regan and the aforementioned Cook, on Snakebite, which is just under three minutes of frothing, mic-twirling, excessive-octane rock ‘n roll destruction – a bludgeoning opener of spirited hardcore. It melds properly into the slower groove of Doom Machine, which swaggers with whisky-ingesting bravado and makes use of the twin roars of Reagan and the guttural screech of Cook nicely. There’s an nearly chanting, battle-metal feel to the guitars in places, as though a military is marching to warfare, particularly in the final minute where it kicks into life and I swear you possibly can hear some subtle strings in the background. What the world needs proper now is a new RAGING SPEEDHORN album.

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This includes reside recordings from The Garage in London from 2000 and the 2001 Ozzfest. At the top of May 2005 the subsequent album How the Great Have Fallen adopted , which was recorded with producer Joe Barresi within the 2KHZ Studios . The cheap studio arrange in a remote residential constructing had to be chosen as a result of the finances for the – as they self-deprecatingly described – “sunken greats” was much tighter than three years earlier.

Raging Speedhorn Announce New Album Hard To Kill

Pit in association with Nordic Spirit at Blondies, our favorite East London dive bar. The second half of “Hard To Kill” sustains the almost comically furious tone of the first. REX’s immortal “Children Of The Revolution” sounds like it may bounce by way of your speakers and pressure you to snort vodka. That is, after all, what made RAGING SPEEDHORN stand out in the first place.

In the same yr, the group was part of the Download Festival line-up for the third time. In their profession the band was in a position to play along with Testament , Anal Cunt , Snapcase , Karma to Burn and Iron Monkey, amongst others . Dredging riffs from the underside of a swamp, the slovenly and mud-encrusted belch of Hammer Down follows, using this Truckfighters fuzz of noisy, buzzsaw guitars, with this industrial, rhythmic pound and Reagan and Cook’s throat-shredding rasps of guttural defiance. Hand Of God goes, well, hand in hand with Hammer Down, really – it’s big, meaty, brash, and feels like thunder, dirty, sludge-coated thunder. Brutality seems like a runaway practice, it’s a punch to the gut, a full-on adrenalin shot of rampant, wild energy, and howling hardcore, that takes a sudden and desolate turn right into a doom-crammed throwdown of crunching, noise-drenched gloom within the closing minute. Hot on the heels of two highly acclaimed albums, MIDNITE CITY return in 2021 with their highly anticipated third album “Itch You Can’t Scratch” on May twenty eighth.

Sometimes you simply want a simple, rollicking good time with a record and that’s principally what Hard to Kill delivers. Can I forgive Raging Speedhorn for that “Children of the Revolution” cowl? I rather assumed that, after their 2002 sophomore effort, the boys had hung up their instruments and maybe gone to work in Corby’s steelworks, about the only thing the midlands city is known for.

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